CMP by Coolmarta

One solution from one provider for all your needs.

What is CMP ?

The Coated Multi-Purpose Pipe by Coolmarta is
a systemic modular pipeline that introduces a
multitude of functions and a unique seamless
design that would make any user proud.

Crafted from high-quality and high-performance
materials, interchangeable parts allows the
system to conform to your every need. Thanks to
the dedicated thought process when designing,
the CMP is durable and can also be easily
upgraded or repaired should the need occur.


Pre-coated to your every need, CMP comes with a variety of surface treatments. These allow you to handpick your very own combination to comply to any and all of your requirements. Kickback and relax as your production pipeline readily accepts an enhanced lifespan and performance upgrade.


We've designed the system to be readily accessible to everyone and anyone. With an omnidirectional audience rivalled only by our wide array of benefits, we have created a system that can be upgraded and/or repaired at whim. Maintenance is made less frequently and cost is also made easier with pipes that are ready to use and ready to purchase off the shelf.


With the wide array of high-performance materials at our fingertips and the expertise to utilize them, we are adept at combining both functional and aesthetical design into one well-packaged up product.