We provide service for you with the utilization of many high-performance materials.
Along with the variety of materials comes a wide spectrum of benefits & properties
that will be sure to interest you.

Material Name Description

More commonly referred to as plastic, PE is a
material that does great job of being chemically
inert. This is also companied by the benefits of
being durable and tough

Fluoropolymers are a great solution for surfaces
which are required to repel other chemicals and/
or remain non-sticking.

A strong bio-polymer that is FDA approved to
hygienically transport drinking water, apart
from that it is also able to provide uv protection.


Coolmar-ta's very own low-stick paint that will
repel unwanted foreign matter and exhibits an
ability of self-cleaning and hydrophobia.

Taking note that other exquisite materials have a shorter shelf-life and requires a
minimum order, an opportunity to explore them is definately welcome with a job
of certain scale.




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