What We Do

Surface Architecture







Surface Architecture is the product of analytical skills, ability
to conhere the knowledge from various engineering sectors
and the understanding and application of high-performance
materials, creating a value-added solution and providing you
with the advantage and preparedness over your competitors
and atmospheric conditions that could harm your products.

"The required art of modifying surface properties to conform with the specified application."

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If you have any issues in your process, know that we will 
be able to provide a solution and support along the way.

We are able to handle and process a variety of items,
emcompassing almost every type of engineering metal
(or even plastic)
and even very sophisicated designs
from customers hailing from high-tech industries. We
have amassed a library of experience throughout our
decades of operations in industries such as;

Oil and Gas
Electronics and Semiconductor
Molding and Packaging
Biomedical and Pharmaceutical
Food & Beverages
And Many More...

We can even treat and architect the internal surface of a pipe, a process that is not widely mastered worldwide.

Planning on performing the application process yourself?
We can provide* you with the materials to do so!

*minimum order quantity may apply